Centre For Information Communication Technology

Message from the CICT Manager

Information and Communications Technologies aims to harness information and communication technologies (ICTs) to achieve education needs within and outside Mukuba University.

The Centre of ICT at Mukuba University functions as an academic hub for researchers focused on creating solutions that address socio-technical problems within and outside the institution The Centre is a multi-disciplinary environment that seeks to produce new technologies for Scientific: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Educational, while also studying the ways in which existing and emerging technologies affect and are appropriated by groups of people, particularly in under-resourced communities.

Our future is looking good as we are promising to be an important Service Delivery Centre, we commit ourselves that we will strive to:

Be responsive:

Responding quickly and effectively to your needs

Our customers come first; that’s why you are supported by a dedicated ICT Support Services team who ensure we respond quickly and effectively to all your ICT queries.

Be local and Available:

Providing you with local expertise

Our ICT staff collaborate across our Schools, Departments and Campuses and combine their local knowledge, system experience and technical skills to provide support services that improve the learning as well as teaching experience at Mukuba University.

Be better and innovative:

Striving to provide the best support services.

We are committed to continuous improvement by supporting all of our staff and students to innovate. We will provide you with the Training that you need in the use of salient software and hardware bought in the institution.


The Centre of ICT, Mukuba University was started in the year 2005. As a committee of academic staff with no technical people involved. Most of the activities involved training each other on the use of computer applications. In 2009, the university though of employing a technician to help in the technical part of the ICT infrastructure of the institution. This was because there was a lot of demand from the IICD C4C project whose mandate was to improve the ICT infrastructure in and outside the institution- in the 20 district resource Centres. The Centre further employed another technician and now there are three technical people headed by a Coordinator and is one of the centre in the DVC Administration division. The centre provides ICT Services to all Staff (Faculty & Non Faculty) and Students across all University Departments/Sections at all its campuses and centres.

It has four subsections

(i) Networking Section
(ii) Training Section
(iii) Software Development Section
(iv) Support and Consultancy Section

IT Centre is managed